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I am writing this, not only as a member of the Lititz 4th of July Committee, but also as a huge Lititz supporter and a member of the community. I've been reading the comments and hearing the comments about the cancellation of the 4th of July Celebration. First of all, you can be assured that the 4th of July Committee has looked at the situation for this years celebration from every angle, inside out and upside down. For circumstances out of our control, we have decided to cancel our event. However, we will do everything we can to find a way to keep the observance continuous in Lititz Springs Park. We may also plan to have some virtual 4th activities throughout the day. The 4th of July is still and will forever be The 4th of July. It is our patriotic duty to observe it the best way we can, safely and legally. With all of that being said, the Lititz Springs Park is NOT run by taxpayer money. It is maintained by a committee made up of members from the churches of Lititz. This committee is responsible for the upkeep of the Lititz Square as well as the Park and the Welcome Center. The 4th of July Celebration is the number one fund raiser for the park. This year the park is taking a huge financial hit, but the park is a living thing. It needs maintenance. The grass will grow, the leaves will fall, the rain will wash dirt and debris over the pathways, the paint on the buildings will chip away, etc. Stepping out from the committee for a moment, I don't want the park to fall apart this year. Please consider sending the park a donation to help it continue to be the diamond of the town. Just think if everybody in town and surrounding townships gave a dollar, five dollars, ten dollars or more- you can rest assured that the park will flourish and be the focal point of the town. People are always quick to criticize decisions that are not in their favor. Hard decisions are made with health and safety in mind and with consequences like losing funding. This is a grass roots effort. This has not been authorized by the park. This is not a capital campaign. This is where our kids play. The ducks splash around. Families gather for picnics. Weddings are held... This is a chance for the Lititz Community to step up again and keep the park viable so when we can have another 4th of July Celebration it will blow the top off all of the other celebrations before that! Donations can be sent to Lititz 4th of July, Lititz Springs Park, PO Box 701, Lititz, PA 17543


~ Bill Dussinger

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