Accessability information:


PARKING: Handicap accessible parking available at the Lititz Mutual lot (enter from W. Main Street) or at the Lititz RecCenter. Vehicles must display a handicap tag to have parking access to these lots.


ENTRANCES: Handicap accessible entrance gates along Wentworth Lane

(adjacent to Lititz Mutual lot) and at the Fireworks Gate at the Rec Center.


RESTROOMS: There are several ADA accessible restroom stalls and portable restrooms

on the grounds and in the Rec Center lot.


FIREWORKS: Handicap and companion accessible fireworks viewing spots are available

on the northeast corner of the Rec Center parking lot (excellent views and flat, paved area).

Chairs suggested for companions.


If you need assistance any time throughout the event, please see one of our Event Staff

volunteers in yellow shirts or Security staff in green shirts.

Please address any additional questions to lspark@ptd.net.




General information:


• All bags will be subject to search by Security.


•  Tickets will be available at the gates on the day of the event.


• No Pets allowed in the Lititz Springs Park during the

4th of July festivities. No ticket refunds.


• No knives, firearms, fireworks - including sparklers, bicycles, skateboards, scooters allowed inside the park. All bags and containers subject to search upon entry to the park by security guards.


• The general public may put their blankets down at the fireworks field from 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM the morning of July 2.


• Tarps are not permitted on the fireworks field and will be confiscated by Security and Emergency Response personnel.  Rocks and tent stakes are not permitted to secure blankets to the ground. These will also be removed by Security and Emergency Response personnel.


• The admission gates at the Broad Street Entrances, the Handicapped Entrance and the Maple Street Entrance will close at 9:30 PM. The Entrance at the Boy Scout Pavilion will stay open until 9:45 PM, when it will also be closed for fireworks safety reasons.


• Handicapped parking and entrance is at the parking lot of Lititz Mutual Insurance - entrance near the Wall of Remembrance.


• There is a no smoking/vaping policy in the Lititz Springs Park during the 4th of July events.


• Lititz Springs Park is a private park, maintained by the churches of Lititz. Proceeds (after expenses) go toward the upkeep and maintenance of the Lititz Springs Park as well as the Lititz Memorial Square.


• Lost and found items may be turned in at an admission gate, Information building or to security personnel in neon green shirts.


• If your child is lost, please see security personnel in neon green shirts immediately for assistance.


• Park admission gates close at 9:30 pm. Even if you have a wristband, you must be back in the park by this time. This is for your safety when the park is dark.


• If you require first aid, please see security personnel immediately for assistance.


July 2 event raindate: Sunday, July 3.


• Parade raindate: Saturday July 2.

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